From the album God First ft. Dee-1

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God First
Ft. Dee-1
Produced by Regg Beatz

"Keep God First" is so cliché now a day especially in today's entertainment world; you hear it all the time from rappers to actors to pop icons. You hear it all the time in talk, reality, and award shows. The phrase has become popular to anyone who seems has some form of religion. Bush Baby teams up with RCA Recording Artist Dee-1 on this high-energy record.

I wanted to explore this concept from our perspective as being young men pursuing righteousness and integrity. As well as being a leader and example to the youth, not coming off as perfect but at least trying to really pursue the “God First” lifestyle. I asked Dee to be transparent, to not only share his success but his struggles and oh man did he! Like the song says no matter what we do we do it big and freely enjoy all the blessings from God but it’s God first point blank!


No matter what I do, Imma do it big,
But I ain’t chasing glory cuz’ that’s all His,
And imma enjoy the money, cars, and the cribs,
But imma put Him first, that’s just what it is.

Imma Put God First, Put God First
Imma Put God First, Put God First
Imma Put God First, Put God First
Imma Put God First, Gotta Put God First.

Bush Baby Verse 1

Chilling in my city eating Southern Classic chicken
When I make my first million still going to be eating this same chicken When I make my first million going to the owner, let's talk business
Cuz’ long as you put God first it really ain't no limits.
Putting God first got me respecting these women
I'm really spitting what I'm living man this really ain't no gimmick,
Putting God first got me staying out of prison cuz’ not to long ago I was facing a five year sentence.
When I didn't put Him first, I made some bad decisions
So I'm learning to put Him, first in all my decisions
Got to put him first, even when my money low
Got to put him first, even when I don't know.


Dee-1 Verse 2

It’s funny how money spend quick
I dropped fifty racks like this in the snap of a finger, now I’m hit
Bad investments, blocking blessings I’m taking mad trips
But acting stingy in church when they pass around that basket
My last chick I really loved her, went retarded for her
But she playing games lying to ya boy over and over.
It’s funny how I studied all her likes and dislikes
but studied the word, I be like yeah right not in this life.
Now get right or get left, shut up and grind or get replaced
This music industry is hard but I made a way
So on a day to day I’m trying not to fade away
I’m at a crossroads ya’ll listen as I pray today.
Speak to my heart Lord it’s your son calling
Concern me not with the women, the fame, or the balling
Concern me with only ensuring your will be done
For this I humbly ask amen, Dee-1.


Bush Baby Verse 3

It's easy to grab them beats, roll a sweet, and hop up in that booth
But it's harder to make it when u spiting that hate bringing truth
Just cuz’ you say you put God first don’t mean you really do
Your life like that unpaid prom pic, it's the proof.
Been a long time since I street hustled, trying to make made fast money
But it’s been even longer since I had to ask somebody for some gas money.
See the vision I got imma need mad money
But when you need money to make you happy, I call that sad money
I'm all Louisiana like crawfish and gumbo,
But it's purpose in my verses I know what I come for
The ones who rob, steal, and kill for the bankroll I come for those
Cuz’ all money ain’t good money, dominoes.
God numeral Uno, hooked up with Dee Uno
Fire artistry with integrity if you didn’t know now you know
Dee I realized as long as I got God I got everything
So every time I come around their city, He make me shine, bling bling!



From my hood to your hood, God first it’s all good. We good.

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