Mr. Uhateme

  Born the only male of five children, Joseph Bush, Jr. was labeled the worst of the worst and the black sheep of the family. At the age of eight, he began to discover his God-given gift of writing poetry to make his mom smile after she argued with his dad. At age thirteen, he entered a Ford Motors television commercial contest and won with a rap video he submitted. This inspired him to work harder on his rapping skills. He attended different schools all over the country because of his father’s line of work. He was a baseball and basketball player throughout his high school years. He was offered a scholarship to play baseball in Alabama. He declined the scholarship offer because he was more focused pursuing other things. After graduation, he moved to New York with his mom and two younger sisters who were involved in acting and modeling. He attended John Jay Community College in 1992.

  His life began to spiral out of control with drinking, partying, drug dealing, drug usage, explicit sex, robbing prostitutes, and gunfights. These were only a few distractions that he allowed to take over his life. In 1993, he obtained a starring role in a New York City Police Athletic League commercial, after competing against 1,000+ others. This accomplishment inspired him to pursue acting as well as rapping in New York. In his heart he wanted the whole world and everything it had to offer. He landed a role in a premier play entitled Endangered Species, in which he played a thug named Tito in 1994. Success looked as if it was going to overtake him. He was introduced to a division of Epic Records, who in turn offered him a recording contract.

  His plans of “making it big” as a rapper/actor came to a halt after his mother invited him to attend a service at Zoë Ministries where Prophet E. Bernard Jordan prophesied that he would be very successful only if he surrendered his life totally to God and not sign that contract because it would be like signing his soul to satan. He thought that his mother had spoken to the prophet but was in total shock when he found out that she said nothing. Joseph accepted the call on his life and turned down the recording contract and joined Zoë Ministries. There he learned how to give his life and gifts to God. Prophet Jordan introduced Joseph to Rev Run of Run DMC who was also a member of the ministry. A Christian rap group called The Zoë Brothers was formed. Joseph only recorded a few songs with the group before he decided to move back home to Natchitoches, Louisiana because of legal trouble. In 1995, after much training and going through discipleship with his mentor, Rick Legardy, they formed Prodigal Soldiers Ministries. They recorded a two-song demo, which gained nationwide exposure.

  Joseph now takes his commitment to the Lord seriously because he knows he should be locked behind bars or dead in hell. Following the pattern of his parents, his first marriage ended in divorce. This was the most devastating thing he had ever faced. Now a single father of four, God kept him and his children safe from harm. God allowed him to write a book entitled “For Better or For Worse” that was published and distributed worldwide. In 2006, Joseph married Constance and together had a daughter named Cailah joining Patrick, Braylon, Joseph Jacobi “JJ”, Emani, and Christopher, a 21st Century Brady Bunch. Joseph and Constance opened Maximum Glory Apparel, Accessories, Home Décor & More. They work hand-in-hand in the ministry. Joseph, also known as Mr. U Hate Me is living up to his name and wearing a coat of many colors, showing a very hateful world the agape love of God. His life reflects that God will turn your misery into ministry.

Rachel Owusu-Duku

  Angela Owusu-Duku strives to pattern her walk after Christ daily. At a young age she accepted the Lord into her life, not realizing the spiritual life lessons that went along with accepting Christ. Her entire upbringing involved church with her family active in ministry. Angela is now active in ministry as a praise team member. She believes that your gift will make room for you once you serve God, she is reminded of how Jesus had followers who served Him. In the sixth grade she had a burning passion to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to her friends but experienced much rejection. Now through music and other media outlets, she continues to spread the good news.  Nubreed, in her words, are representatives of Christ on a mission to “re”present Christ to the world. She is also the co-host of a Christian-based radio show on the campus where she attends college. She credits her mother, pastor, and youth pastor for instilling godly principles into her life. Furthermore, it is her desire to see the lives of people change for the glory of God and she continues to spread the gospel through music.

C# (C-Sharp)

  Carlos “C#” Charles became a member of Prodigal Soldiers Ministries in 2005. Since then he has been blessed with the privilege to produce and be featured on Prodigal Soldiers’ latest album Death Before Dishonor. He currently finished a compilation album along with his production partner Bush Baby and the other artists of the ministry who played a major role in that project. He is the proud husband of Katrina Charles and father of three children Alexis, Amir, and Kenyon. He is a member of Agapé Love Center where he serves as a music minstrel and also a music teacher for the youth.

Big Judah

  Born with a gift from God, Joshua Raymond Owusu-Duku is a living testimony. At a young age Joshua could have been killed, but he is still here to tell his story. At the age of eight Joshua was taught how to sing by his oldest sister Beverly Owusu-Duku, he began to use his gift only to impress people until he was eight-teen years old. Then he received a revelation that he was called to be a levite and psalmist. On January 5, 2007 Joshua was ran over by a vehicle that pulled him seventy-five feet while he was trapped underneath. Joshua was nearly killed in this accident and suffered from severe injuries. Once he returned home from the hospital he told his pastor, also his uncle, that he wanted to rededicate his life to Christ. Joshua is now active in ministry at his church Agape Love Center where he plays the bass guitar with the worship band. Joshua has been featured as a vocalist and musician on the Prodigal Soldiers' Death Before Dishonor and the Nubreed Vol. 1 compilation. He stresses the importance of living a life that is pleasing to God when he ministers the Gospel.


  Tarrance Tawight Star, also known as Proclaim, was born and raised in Monroe, La until 1992 when his mom and dad separated and he moved to Shreveport, La. As a young boy he spent holidays and summers with his dad. On one visit to Monroe his cousin Keshun started a rap group, Young Soldiers, and wanted him to join but at that time he only joined because he thought it would be fun. In 1997-98 he began to write lyrics with his cousin and friends and rapped over intros and outros of songs that were recorded multiple times in order to make instrumentals. They didn’t have money nor did they know anyone who had a recording studio at that time. By the time he was a junior in high school, his cousin had befriended a man who had a studio that was used to record local rap acts in Monroe.

  They recorded around twelve singles in hope to sign a record deal but had no luck. After graduating from high school he decided to attend college at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana. While in college he continued to travel to Monroe to record songs, but by this time it was only Keshun and he left in the group. The others had gone to jail or just stop coming to the studio. He started getting frustrated and wanted to give up because they were not progressing as a rap group. So he backed off from rapping and writing for a while to concentrate on his education. Meanwhile his cousin started getting into trouble and going to jail over drugs. During his time away from rapping he married his college sweetheart in 2005 and he also graduated that same year.

  At this time he was still rapping but only free styling, then three months after graduating from college he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Before giving his life to Christ he always heard that rap was of the devil, didn’t belong in the church, and couldn’t glorify God. He figured that his days of rapping were over, but he was ok with this because he wanted Christ more than anything. On one Sunday after church one of his pastors, Angela Davis, asked if he could rap or sing. He told her that he could rap and she introduced him to the Prodigal Soldiers, Joseph Bush "Mr. U Hate Me" and Rick Legardy "Reborn". Two years later God placed him as a member of Prodigal Soldiers Ministries. Proclaim now resides in Natchitoches, La with his wife and three children. He serves as an usher at Agape’ Love Center, where Johnnie Davis is senior Pastor. His desire is to bring the full gospel to the world and tell the uncompromised Word of God to today’s youth because he knows they are the future.

Bush Baby

  Although Christopher Holden aka Bush Baby was born in August of 1986, he really started living in July of 2006. Since then, he has been under the discipleship of Prodigal Soldiers Ministries in his hometown of Natchitoches, LA. Before he gave his life to the Lord, he chose a destructive path that placed him in some life threatening situations. Like most high school graduates, he wasn’t sure about a college major. His passion was for music but he became discouraged when he found out how much it would cost to study recording arts and realized he couldn’t afford it. So he decided to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette for his first semester in 2004. The last thing he had on his mind was class; his focus was primarily on partying and girls. His lifestyle attached him to friends that enjoyed doing the same things as heavy drug and alcohol usage, hustling, and petty theft to name a few.

  One evening he was hanging out at his friends’ apartment smoking weed and playing dice. His friend beat on the apartment door frantically telling him someone had gotten into a fight. He rushed out and jumped into their car. Leaving the scene they told him how their high school friend, who came to visit, had an argument with a resident about an offensive racial slur and punched him in the face, and how they stole his gaming system. Bush Baby laughed at the story and didn’t think anything of it; he and friends thought they had gotten away with it. He departed for Baton Rouge, LA the following weekend to attend a college party, but he got a phone call that ruined his party. He was informed that his friends had been arrested and he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Devastated, Bush Baby returned to Lafayette where they immediately arrested him on three charges and one was a serious felony. This was Bush Baby’s first time behind bars. “I never thought I would be in jail, this gave me a lot of time to think but I quickly realized this wasn’t the place for me,” he says. After getting out of jail on bail he was so depressed it lead him to drop out of school and move back to his hometown. Very little changed, he continued on a destructive path, now his new pursuit was a music career.

  His dreams of becoming a rap star were crushed when someone burglarized his home, taking all of the studio equipment. Not long after, he and his friends sought revenge. In a violent confrontation, he was shot at point-blank range in the chest. “The ride to the hospital was the scariest moment in my life because I believed in God and hell, and I knew if I died I was heading there,” he says. It was then when he began to believe that Gods' love was real. After recovering, he then moved to New Orleans, LA. Before leaving his uncle and mentor, Joseph “Mr. U Hate Me”, spoke a prophesy from God into his life. Joseph told him “it’s like God has a chain wrapped around your life and every time you stray, He’s going to pull it back to Him because you have a purpose for your life that He wants you to fulfill”. Bush Baby continued to do things his way but started to see the manifestation of what God had revealed to his uncle. That’s when he realized how much God loved him and had a purpose for his life. He moved back home to Natchitoches and gave his life completely to Christ. “That’s why I say God set me up, all the things I went through set me up for purpose, and God gets all the glory from it,” says Bush Baby.

  Since then, God has turned his life completely around. He has now received a recording arts degree, and soon after he graduated God opened another door for him to continue his education at Full Sail University, where he received a degree in entertainment business. Now he’s back to making music, but this time with different perspective. He debuted as an artist and producer on the compilation album, “Prodigal Soldiers Ministries presents: NuBreed Vol. 1,” in 2011. In the same year he released the free project “Da Setup” challenging listeners to allow God to set them up for purpose. Bush Baby strives to make music that encourages, helps, and benefits others while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Do it big before I head back to the boot, might as well! #normascafe 😋 #Lunch
    Do it big before I head back to the boot, might as well! #normascafe 😋 #Lunch
  • Do it big before I head back to the boot, might as well! #normascafe 😋 #Lunch
    Do it big before I head back to the boot, might as well! #normascafe 😋 #Lunch
  • These lil dudes went in! #flavorfest15 #breakdance
    These lil dudes went in! #flavorfest15 #breakdance
  • These dudes went in! #flavorfest15 #breakdance
    These dudes went in! #flavorfest15 #breakdance
  • These lil dudes went in! #flavorfest15 #breakdance
    These lil dudes went in! #flavorfest15 #breakdance
  • #Church Dj, sketch artist, hip hop, poetry, and worship team on the same stage!🙌🏾 @crossover813 @urband813 #Tampa #flavorfest15
    #Church Dj, sketch artist, hip hop, poetry, and worship team on the same stage!🙌🏾 @crossover813 @urband813 #Tampa #flavorfest15
  • Morning! Pool side baby! 🌴⛅️☕️🏊🏾 #Tampa #flavorfest2015
    Morning! Pool side baby! 🌴⛅️☕️🏊🏾 #Tampa #flavorfest2015
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    Check it this the homie Christian from Lakeland up the road from Tampa. We met the first day of the conf. And when I tell ya dude been taking care of me while im down showing so much luv! Never know who God gon put in your life to be a blessing I APPRECIATE it homie! ✊🏾 #Grateful #flavorfest2015
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    The Big homie @thisl went in! #flavorfest2015 #reallifemusic 👑
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    Louisiana X Texas 🐊🐮 connect da homie @pyrexxtbz here at #flavorfest2015 in Tampa, FL #reallifemusic


  Constance Bush, born and raised in Natchitoches, Louisiana and the eldest of two children born to Dorothy Toussaint and Thurman Baptiste, Sr., was raised in the church and began to demonstrate her God given talent in singing in the church choir at an early age. Realizing the call that God had on her life, she began to work with other choirs in the city after most of the members of the choir at the small, rural church (St. Luke Baptist Church) where she belonged, grew up and moved away. Eventually the Lord placed her at Abundant Life Church where she was a member of the worship and praise team and choir until she got married.

  Before marriage, Constance had a son, Patrick. Being a single mother taught her responsibility and independence. She also learned how to surrender her will to God’s will and allow the Lord to prepare her for a husband. In March 2006, she married Joseph Bush, Jr. who already had four beautiful children (Christopher, Emani, Joseph, and Braylon). Together they had one daughter, Cailah (pronounced Kayla).  After marriage she looks back and is grateful at how the Lord brought she and her son through many challenging times. Constance wants the single woman to know how important it is to wait on the Lord to send her a godly husband that has been prepared specifically for her.

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