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Bush Baby Teams Up With RCA Recording Artist Dee-1 On New Single

"Keep God First" is so cliché now a day especially in today's entertainment world; you hear it all the time from rappers to actors to pop icons. You hear it all the time in talk, reality, and award shows. The phrase has become popular to anyone who seems has some form of religion.  Bush Baby teams up with RCA Recording Artist Dee-1 on this high-energy record. 
“I wanted to explore this concept from our perspective as being young men pursuing righteousness and integrity.  As well as being a leader and an example to the youth, not coming off as perfect but at least trying to really pursue the “God First” lifestyle. I asked Dee to be transparent, to not only share his success but his struggles and oh man did he! Like the song says; no matter what we do we do it big and freely enjoy all the blessings from God but its God first point blank!” -Bush Baby
God First is the lead single from Bush Baby’s upcoming debut solo album “The Idol Factory” due out April 1st, 2014.  God First is now available on all digital retailers.








"You Don't Hear Me" is a solo debut from Mr.Uhateme of the Prodigal Soldiers Ministries crew! The song was inspired by God and one of Mr.Uhateme's favorite evangelists, Apostle Marvin T. Boyd who would use the phrase as he preached to the congregation.  “God told me to keep the song simple and very plain so that everyone not only understands, but relates to the powerful message,” says Mr.Uhateme.  The song was designed to reach the saved as well as the unsaved and locate where they are in their faith and their lives in general.  The song also highlights and asks about what’s your purpose behind your ministry or your gifts of doing music. Secular rappers and singers are seeking crowns and earthly possessions that they can't take with them when they die.  Christian artists are walking very thin lines of compromise by trying to build their brands for more exposure and record sales.

They are willing to take any type of deal or performance to push their names instead of pushing the uncompromised gospel of Jesus to the masses to not only see souls saved and delivered, but also to be an example of living holy lives. The song also has an antidote for dealing with hate and haters.   The message will stir up hate because it touches areas of our flesh.  Jesus was very adamant about not being lukewarm.  Either we're all in for HIM or not! This song is written in a comedic, but very serious format to draw us all to a closer relationship with our Lord and to stand up for Him with boldness! Mr. Uhateme states, “Please hear me.  These are the very last hours.  Christians, we must stand up and stand out! The things that I see going on in the church make me understand when Jesus whipped those of greed and profit out of the temple and rebuked them (Matthew 21:13). People in this world are hurting because of dysfunctions in the church and our government, so it’s my personal duty to spread love, grace, and most of all the mercy of God to everyone that will receive it.  I pray you hear me!”



Bush Baby says this:

“Man, I lived and breathed Boosie’s music. He was so passionate and I loved the storytelling. Out of all the rappers I listened to, I felt more connected to him and his music. He had a major impact on how I lived my life at that time. It’s crazy because I can still quote some of his songs from start to finish. It’s like they’re embedded in my brain. Music is powerful and it can have that affect on people. Now being older and putting things in perspective, I can see how his music is still impacting the culture and people that I know who are traveling down the same road I once was on. After his legal struggles and being sentenced to Angola Prison, it was always on my heart to write him just to reach out to him and let him know how his music impacted and affected my life. I started writing the letter and it evolved into a song. I thought it would be cool for him to read it in that format, but what you hear is what I sent him on paper. I wanted to encourage him and remind him of the major influence he has on young people whether it be positive or negative and as artists, we have a huge responsibility on how we lead others because we are leaders and role models. Man! There is no doubt that Boosie is gifted from God. The same way he influenced me to do things I did in the streets, he can use that to transform people’s lives in a positive way.”

The article has been featured on Raprehab.com listen to the song here.

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 Bush Baby New Single 'You're The Only One' Ft. C# Available Now For Free Downlaod Here

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"Da Setup"

I find myself always thinking and reflecting on what God has done and is doing in my life. One day I began to think back on some particular trials that I had experienced. These trials brought pain, suffering, hurt, stress, uncertainty and the negative list goes on. It was hard to see any good from these painful trials at the time. I want to be clear that I experienced these particular trials before and some after I became a Christian. This is important because many think when you become a Christian you want suffer and this is not true. While reflecting on these trials now with a transformed mind I began to see the good that came from them. The bible says, “and we know that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28 KJV). So God, with His marvelous ways, made these trials work together for my good. I couldn’t see it then but these trials strengthened me, gave me hope, but most importantly they showed me God's unfailing love and grace that drew me closer to Him. It was the trials that played a major part in getting me to this place of purpose God intended for my life. It was a SETUP, God set me up!

“If it wasn’t for the mess, if it wasn’t for the test than how else would I get His help. If it wasn’t a must when I had to trust, that’s what I mean when I say the setup”

Hopefully, as you listen to this project you will begin to see how God set you up as well. Hopefully, you will begin to see the good that comes from your past and future hardships. Hopefully, you will see the ultimate set up, “God didn't set us up for an angry rejection but for salvation by our Master, Jesus Christ” (1 Thessalonians 5:9 MSG). And hopefully, this will hold you while I’m currently working on my debut album! Thank you for all your prayers and support, to God be all the glory!

-Bush Baby

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